Rate Assistance Programs

Life-Support Equipment Discount

Do you or a full-time member of your household regularly require the use of an essential life-support device? Eligible devices include, but are not limited to, motorized wheelchairs, respirators (all types), dialysis machines, suction machines, apnea monitors, iron lungs, electronic nerve stimulators, and others. https://bit.ly/2yZxc34

EZ-Save Program

If your income and household size qualify for this rate, the LADWP will apply a discount to your electric and/or water bill. For your convenience, you may download, print, and mail in a paper application form. https://bit.ly/2yZxc34

Physician Certified Allowance Discount

Discounts on electric bills are available to customers who provide verification by a state-licensed physician that a full-time member of the household is a paraplegic, hemiplegic, quadriplegic, multiple sclerosis patient, neuromuscular patient, or scleroderma patient being treated for a life-threatening illness. An allowance is also available if a member of the household has a compromised immune system and has a state-licensed physician’s certification that an additional heating and/or cooling allowance is medically necessary. https://bit.ly/2yZxc34

Senior Citizen/ Disability Lifeline Rate

Customers who are 62 years of age or older or permanently disabled may qualify, based solely on their income, to have a discount applied to their electric and/or water bills. The discount is available under provisions of the Los Angeles Municipal Code or the Revenue and Taxation Code of the State of California. https://bit.ly/2yZxc34